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Forex Reviews - Reviews of Forex Products

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There are so many forex products out there with convincing sales pages. It's hard to tell the difference between real worthwhile products and a crafty sales pitch. Here we will be reviewing all sorts of forex products. We will take a look at brokers, software, forex books, videos, and any other forex products we can get our hands on.

  1. Forex Broker Reviews
  2. Forex Software

Forex Broker Reviews

The single most important decision in your plans for trading forex is choosing the right broker. Forex brokers have huge advertising budgets and that allow you to see their sales pitches everywhere you look. In these reviews we will separate the sales pitch from the reality of trading with these brokers

Forex Software

There are so many pages out there selling forex software promising that the software will aid you in getting huge returns in the forex market. Many of these companies promise that their software is the new breakthrough in forex trading. In this section, we will review forex software in detail. We will look at what software is useful and what software is an outright scam.

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