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Tel innovation helps to apply the secret spy camera and data theft

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U.S. military experts develop an application for a mobile phone camera can take pictures secret without arousing the attention of those around you is the application that may be exploited by a lot of hackers and spies eavesdropping on your home and break your privacy and security.
Center scientists have been able «Bliss Rider»'s of the Strategic Research Center and Marine »in« Crane »state« Indiana »American to reach the strategies and mechanisms by which that spies Ooualemttlfon able to penetrate buildings and installations.
The new application can also capture three-dimensional images of the internal spaces of the rooms, but identify the information and documents available within these facilities.
Scientists had the status of «Bliss Rider» have given a random sample of volunteers were given from mobile devices developed without informed of the existence of this application talk on their phones to use it normally.
The scientists explained that it has been possible to extract vital information from mobile phones that exist between developed hands of twenty volunteers at a time facilitated the Alsourthelathih Dimensions captured him extract information and data accurately, where this technique works through the rear of the phone by the technique of «modern Android.
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Google plans to buy a company specializing in the definition techniques faces

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Intends to "Google" buy "Viewdle", taken from "Silicon Valley" based, specializing in facial recognition technology and techniques actually.

Where is developing technology research team consisting of 36 staff subordinate to the company's branch in Ukraine, according to sources familiar with the this regard, note that the financial value of the deal is approximately U.S. $ 45 million.

It is expected to benefit Google techniques this company integrates them into mobile "Android" smart and social network "Google Plus" and also a pair of Google with augmented reality technology.
The company "Vewdle", which was founded in 2007, has been funded by several companies, including supermarket chain American to sell consumer electronics "Best Buy", and the "Research In Motion" Canadian Fund partners BlackBerry "Blackberry Partners Fund" and the company " Qualcomm "American.

This step may be an attempt by Google to protect itself from the issues of patent violations, in order to compete with "Facebook", which recently acquired the company "Weiss. Com - Face.com" emerging and specialized in facial recognition techniques.

Note that this is not the first time that acquires the "Google" to a specialized company in this regard, it has acquired in July last year on the company "PittPatt" specialized in technology face recognition, as bought "Neven Vision" German leader in systems visual recognition in 2006.

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Bangladeshi climb Mount Ajyad believing that light fell on it fit,

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Fawaz Al Abdali - already - Mecca: At Moatamer Bangladeshi died last night of his wounds dangerous down Mount Ajyad dam, while trying to up the mountain, where it was thought that the Mountain of Light, was received by his family the body after the completion of the police station Ajyad investigations and evidenced by the lack of suspicion criminalin death.

The processes for help had received this morning a tip from a number of passers-benefit Bosoarham the deceased person and dressed Ihram down Mount Ajyad dam, and immediately moved the security of the site was transferred the deceased to the morgue, started to police station Ajyad investigations into the incident and reveal them during that the body back to the pilgrims Bangladeshi citizenship interview access to Mecca coming from his country.

  And confirmed the police investigation that pilgrims climb the mountain in a late night last night, which he thinks is the Mountain of Light, but it is unbalanced as it continues to rise for the likes of the Earth has been hit with a number of rocks, the throes of his wounds and severe injuries that he sustained.

The body was handed over to his family this afternoon after police investigations and collect evidence official about the incident and they are free of any criminal suspicion.
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«Microsoft» reveal rewards system games on the platform «Xspocks Live»

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The company «Microsoft» U.S. software giant in the world, for its new private rewards and prizes games on the platform balances «Xspocks Live» e. The players will receive monthly discounts on purchases «Xspala», as well as free gifts according to their assets points of digital games. Will receive players who range from their balances between 3 thousand and 10 thousand points on the «special gift» The owners balances between 10 thousand and 25 thousand points will receive a free gift, in addition to the deduction of 1% per month on all transactions «Xspala» Finance, except «Microsoft points and membership subscriptions renewals platform «Xspocks Live. And all the members of the «Xspocks Live Gold to activate the reward system visit the awards section of the store« Markibliss ».
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Ibrahimovic: Messi does not deserve the Ballon d'Or

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic believes scorer team Paris Saint-Germain that Lionel Messi does not deserve the Ballon d'Or this year.
Ibrahimovic said in a statement to CNN that "Euro Sport": "Messi made ​​a great season in terms of personal, but he did not do anything for his team did not score any important tournament."
He added: "I have obtained in the past three years and it's time to get them to another player, and there are a number of players who deserve the Golden Ball this year more than Messi, and having received the award for the fourth time will cause frustration for the rest of the players and will be considered a matter of getting them is impossible."
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Arab airlines best performers after the Americas

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Showed the latest forecasts from the International Federation of Air Transport Association (IATA) that Arab airlines are the best performers in the world after the United States and Latin America.

According to a report issued by the "IATA", got "Arab. Net" a copy of which, it is expected to achieve Arab airlines profit rises 2.5% by $ 700 million in the year 2012, that the report is expected to continue to Arab companies to perform well in the next year 2013 and to be able to raise profits again by 2.7%.

The expectations "IATA" earlier had suggested that Arab airlines had recorded a profit by only $ 300 million.

According to data contained in the report, the Middle East is the best performer in the world after the United States, which occupies the first place expectations to achieve its rise in profits by 3%, followed by Latin America, which is expected to achieve airlines where a rise in profits by 2.7% at the end year 2012.

The report said that airlines in the Middle East could, in the first eight months of this year, expanding its ability to shipping by 13%, while the demand for its services by 14%.

According to the report, the demand for passenger transport services in the Arab region rose by 17.1% during the first eight months of this year, and this percentage is the highest in the world.

The report pointed out that the Arab airlines managed during the current year 2012 also increase its share in the market for flights of long-distance, where the Arab companies acquires only 4.8% of the number of passengers on long journeys, but that this percentage has increased in August / August 2012 to 11.5%.

The aviation sector is one of the important indicators of economic performance, both at the level of the world, or on the level of national economies, and the Arab airlines, and especially the Gulf, has an important centers in the national economies, and plays an important role in economic activity.
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Starting a forum 'Internet Governance' African Smart Village Wednesday

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IGF held African «AfIGF 2012» on 3 and 4 October, with the participation of more than 100 experts from all over the continent to discuss Africa's position on Internet governance, and informational exchange and transfer of expertise.
It is scheduled to hold the conference sponsored by the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and the African Union Commission, as will bring the forum that will be held at the Smart Village representatives from governments, companies and non-governmental organizations for two days of intensive discussions, about the situation in the management of the Internet in Africa, and develop some strategies in the telecommunications sector.
The first phase of this project and a two-month, post and delegations from the Nile Basin countries to attend training courses at the National Institute for Communications and Information Technology Institute, where they are training 50 to 60 program specialist, was selected and identified by the African countries themselves, and project targets train around 3 thousand specialist over the full year.
Recalled that in October 2011 the Egyptian government launched the largest project «Egypt - African human development and capacity and skills training, and raise the efficiency of African cadres specialized in the field of communications and information technology.
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5 million a Dubai hotels in the first half, up 10 percent

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The number of hotel guests in Dubai during the first half of the current year barrier 5 million inmates, an increase of 10%, compared to the same period last year, with improved revenue sector and guest nights, according to Khalid Ahmed bin Sulayem Director General of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, according to the newspaper " Union, "the UAE.

Bin Sulayem said in a press statement yesterday in Dubai, said that the number of tourist nights in Dubai during the first half grew by 18% to $ 19.2 million for the night, compared to 16.2 million nights during the same period last year, while hotel revenues recorded more than AED 9.8 billion, in the period from January to June, compared with 8.5 billion dirhams in the first half of 2011, a growth of 22%

And opened Khalid Ahmed bin Sulayem events eighth annual conference of the Group of Natalie Tours Russian Hotels Atlantis The Palm Dubai, which will be held in cooperation with Alpha Tours and lasts 5 days, the presence of Natasha Vorobyeva CEO General Manager Natalie Tours, Ghassan Aridi, CEO of Alpha Tours, and Brett Armitage Deputy President of Sales Atlantis The Palm Hotel.

The conference discussed the participation of representatives of 250 tourism companies from all over Russia, and a number of department managers and tourism events in Dubai, take advantage of the tourist attractions in Dubai, and new projects and update their information to support their mission in the commercialization of Russian tourists.

Bin Sulayem praised the tourism relations between Dubai and Russia, pointing out that Russia is one of the most important tourist markets for Dubai.

He added that the Department of Tourism organizes and participates in many events such as exhibitions and workshops, most recently a few days ago Moscow Tourism Fair Autumn "Leisure 2012", won the three awards. He explained that the department statistics showed that the number of hotel guests during the first half of this year amounted to more than 3.98 million a 10% increase, while the total number of guests apartments 1.044 million, a growth of 9%.
The average residence hotel establishments in Dubai hotels and hotel apartments, during the first half of 3.8 nights, compared to 3.5 for the night during the same period last year, an increase of 8%.

The revenue for hotels in Dubai during the first half of this year from 8.38 billion dirhams, an increase of 21%, while revenues amounted to apartments AED 2.4 billion, an increase of 23%.

According to Khalid Bin Sulayem that the average Dubai accommodation during the first half of this year was 3.4 nights versus 3.2 nights during the same period of last year, an increase of 5%, and the average residence hotel apartments in Dubai during the first half of this year 5 6 night versus 4.9 nights during the same period last year, an increase of 13%.

The number of hotel rooms and apartments in Dubai during the first half of 76 thousand rooms and serviced apartments versus 73.2 thousand rooms and serviced apartments in the same period of last year, an increase of 4%.

The Department of Tourism pointed out that the number of rooms accommodation Dubai rose by the end of the first half to more than 54.2 thousand rooms compared to about 52.8 thousand rooms by the end of the first half of 2011, an increase of 3%, while the total number of apartments in Dubai at the end of last June, more than 21.7 thousand apartments compared with 20.3 thousand apartments by the end of June 2011, an increase of 7%.

It showed statistical figures that the average occupancy of hotel rooms in Dubai during the first half of this year achieved a 82% compared to 76% during the same period of last year, up 6%, while the average occupancy apartments during the first half of this year 79% compared to 76% during the the same period of last year, an increase of 3%.

The average room rate hotel in Dubai during the first half of this year 601 dirhams versus 570 dirhams during the same period of last year, up 5%, and the average price of the apartment hotel in Dubai during the first half of this year 417 dirhams for 374 dirhams during the same period last year, an increase of 11%.
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App Store Yandex Russian rival Google Play

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Russian search giant divorced "Yandex-Yandex", the new store applications on the Internet, which carries the name "Yandex.Store" which includes 40 thousand a custom application for mobile devices from smart phones and tablet computers.

The store services "Yandex" other, such as e-mail service and mapping service and user interface with three-dimensional effects for mobile devices based on the operating system "Android", known as "Yandex.Shell".

The company "Yandex" new competitor to store my shop applications "Amazon" and "Google Play", although the latter includes nearly 675,000 application, as well as the arrival of a number of downloads it to 25 billion download process.
New Browser
In a related context, launched "Yandex" a new Internet browser combines the effectiveness of the browser "Chrome" browser technology and efficiency "Oprah."

And supports browser Russian engine design "Web Kit-WebKit", document the months browsers such as "Google Chrome" and "Apple's Safari", beside Astnadeh to technology "Opera Turbo-Opera Turbo" based on pressure contents web pages to speed up the process matching.

And features security standards for the protection of information and data, as it includes programs to protect my company, "Kaspersky Lab" and "Yandex".

This browser provides integrated Russian research services, including simultaneous translation service and digital maps service.

According to Arkady Vuluzh, CEO of "Yandex", the "company has developed a Web browser-based computing environment cloud, Integrated with the best services and products, to become a web browser open source, and gives developers and programmers a fertile environment for creating applications and programs of their own."
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«Google» runner for Apple after the financial value exceeded for «Microsoft»

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Exceeded the company «Google» counterpart Microsoft, in terms of financial value for the first time in the history of the two companies, thus becoming «Google» is the second largest company specialized information technology in the world after Apple in terms of financial value.
The shares fell «Microsoft» by Al-Jazeera. Botnet by 0.8%, while shares rose «Google» almost the same percentage, which helped to overcome the Microsoft for the first time.
Has been associated with rising shares «Google» positive reports about the high profits in the online advertising market and the increasing growth in the number of smart phones that do daily Android, prompting analysts to predict that the 'Google' in its best towards more long-term growth.
On the contrary, it began by «Microsoft» retreat after concerns the PC market decline and uncertainty about its new operating system Windows 8, which the company intends to launch officially later this month
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