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Global declines Iron stimulates Saudi investors to re-import

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Galvanized successive declines steel prices on the global level Saudi investors and contractors to resume imports from abroad after the Ramadan period which saw the anticipation by investors for global price indices.
After the stability lasted for four weeks experienced world prices for ferrous metals, prices declined in most crudes in the second week of September.
Investors said in their conversations with "Riyadh" The succession of price declines globally encourage them to import large quantities of iron after an increase in demand after the Ramadan period.
They emphasized that the price difference between import and domestic prices, which are in favor of import motivates investors to import large quantities to meet domestic demand and to take advantage of price differences.
Khaled al-Qahtani investor sector contracting and resource building materials: the current situation has become tempting for investors to import to benefit from price differentials between imported products and shoddy Arabia and the local product, which is oil prices now by global standards high, reaching up differences price to hundreds of dollars per ton.
He revealed that the number of contractors to negotiate directly with many international companies in China, Turkey and Ukraine to import large quantities of iron and re-registration of new orders after a period of Ramadan, supported by the high level of demand on the domestic market as a result of government projects and large housing projects for citizens.
For his part, criticized the investor sector contracting Mohammed Saad lack interaction domestic market with declines global stability price index iron Department of Commerce for local companies manufactured and which was formerly the direct interaction when prices rise globally despite buying large quantities old prices and sold to consumers in accordance with the course of global conditions.
While does not have any impact to lower prices locally by manufacturers Bhetwala global declines, which draws more than a question mark over the policy of raising prices locally when it rises globally and this is expected and installed dips International.
He pointed out that many of the Arab and Gulf markets reacted with global declines and Oakptha cut prices, except for the local market that exploits the increased demand of price fixing.
The price dropped tons billet crude, the key element in the manufacture of iron to $ 580 on September 11, 2012, compared with a week that kiss, which amounted to $ 600 on September 4, down $ 20 per tonne, as the price of tons rebar to 615 dollars on September 11 2012, compared with the week before, and which amounted to $ 630, down $ 15 per tonne.
And settled price of a ton of scrap cut at $ 380 on August 11, 2012, while the price of tons of steel coils flat on the "hot" for up to 555 dollars on August 28, 2012, compared to prices on 4 September, which amounted to $ 565, down $ 10 per ton, and stabilized the price per ton of cast iron at $ 495 on September 11, 2012.
The Ministry of Trade and Industry informed the Council of Saudi Chambers to previous necessity circular on contractors who carry out construction projects government need to use iron to allow them to use imported steel as an option for the implementation of these projects and reduce the huge demand for iron factory locally in order to reduce rising prices.

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Motorola launches its first phones with the Intel-backed

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Phone works, of course, within the operating system environment "Android 4.0-Ice Cream Sandwich," and the company is studying upgraded to the latest version "Jelly", but did not disclose the exact date for the update.
Technology "Hyper Threading" from Intel
The phone uses the processor, "Intel Medfield" type "Atum - Z2480" mono-core 2 GHz speed. Although single-core processor, but it works efficiently similar dual cores, thanks to Intel, known as "multipath-Hyper Threading" based on technology "32 nm", which seems to the operating system like a dual processor cores, to ensure fast performance and high efficiency in treatment.

The phone comes equipped with technology display screen "Super AMOLED" Measuring 4.3 inches at a resolution 960 × 540 pixels, and covered with a layer of protection from "gorilla" resistant to shocks and scratches. The outer structure coated "DuPont Kevlar" with durability and high strength and resistance to heat gives a soft texture of the phone.

The device has a camera background carefully equipped with 8 megapixel feature "auto-focus" flash "LED" capable of 1080p video capture at 30 frames per second, and the other front 0.3 megapixel resolution. The phone weighs 126 grams and 8.3 mm thick dimensions of 122.5 x 60.9 x 8.3 mm.
Internal memory capacity of 32 GB maximum
Other technical specifications contain the phone of RAM 1 GB, and other internal capacity of 8 GB, can be increased through the port "Micro SD" up to 32 GB maximum.

According to the "Motorola", فالهاتف gives the user a long battery life 40% higher than the life of the battery in the phone "iPhone 4S", as it continues to work up to 20 hours of average use, and effort of 2,000 mA per hour.

The phone supports in terms of communication networks "UMTS" frequencies (850-900-1900 -2100) MHz, and all the networks of "GSM", as well as networks of "GPRS", and "EDGE". It also supports technology "Wi-Fi" wireless, and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR ", and communication technology near-term" NFC ", and GPS" GPS ", and a digital compass, as well as its support to the technology" DLAN "broadcast multimedia content to other home appliances.

The company plans to put her by October / October in several selected markets, including Britain, Brazil, France, Argentina, Germany and Mexico, but did not announce the price.
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Police dispersed protesters with tear gas near the U.S. consulate in Peshawar

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Peshawar (Pakistan) (AFP) - Pakistani police fired tear gas to disperse about two thousand demonstrators were trying to get closer to the U.S. consulate in northwest Pakistan, where new protests Tuesday in protest at anti-Islam film.
The riot police deployed with its mechanisms armored in the vicinity of the U.S. consulate in Peshawar, the largest city in northwest Pakistan at the gates of the tribal areas that are considered strongholds of the Taliban and al-Qaeda and where protesters burned American flag.
The senior official said the local police in franchise Khan told AFP "We used tear gas because the demonstrators they want to approach a sensitive neighborhood" any consulate, explaining that about one thousand policemen are still in a state of wakefulness.
Shouted Shabbir Ahmed, a local leader of Jamaat-Sunni Islamic extremist, one Pakistani organizations that were behind the protests on the movie "innocent Muslims", heading to the crowd, "We are ready to sacrifice our lives in defense of the dignity of our Prophet."
And about two thousand people marched also near the U.S. consulate in Karachi (South), the largest city in this country that is more than a million people, most of them Muslims, according to a journalist from AFP.
The local authorities had boosted security measures Monday near the U.S. consulate after violent protests killed one person.
In Lahore (east), the second largest city in the country, hundreds of demonstrators gathered near the U.S. consulate is chanting "Obama dog" and "Death to America."
Pakistan was blocked Monday YouTube broadcast anti-Islam film, which was produced in the United States.
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Video: Bishop John apologizes to Muslims for the film abuser Messenger

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