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Dollar bounces result disappointing data

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U.S. dollar got a break against the euro, and the details are disappointing PMI issued yesterday, showed that commercial activities in the euro area remained weak despite efforts by the central bank.

As reported from Tokyo at 13:45 (Japan time), the euro traded at $ 1.2972 against the U.S. dollar, after falling more than 0.6% on Thursday, and had reached the EUR / U.S. dollar on Monday to the highest level a 4-month low of 1.3173, but lost about 2% of that value since then. Continue fears the euro zone debt formation of a burden on the economy, and there is now renewed expectations that Greece will be forced once again to restructure existing debt, and all of this is likely to put pressure on the euro in the short term.

Helped the euro was down to push the U.S. Dollar Index, which contains among its components on the euro and other major currencies as trading the index at its highest level in a week when 79.660 DXY, away from the lowest level in 6 months and who had arrived to him on Friday at 78.601 DXY.

The beginning of the Chinese PMI data yesterday, the turmoil global PMI data from the euro zone and the United States of America, added pessimistic tendencies and highlighted the difficulties faced by decision-makers, even with having quickly to print currency.
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Fundamental analysis of currencies in the Forex market

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You will learn in this tutorial how to apply fundamental analysis to your trading style, this is what some call it "institutional Forex trading system." You learn the fundamentals of the economy that affect the overall global market. So-called fundamental analysis.

There is a big debate among traders who use technical analysis only and traders who use fundamental analysis only. For me, this just an academic topic. If there is information you need close monitoring. Do not just rely on fundamental analysis or technical, use Monday. When you have a strong technical pattern powered with the basics, the probability to be true is inevitable.

When it appears both the fundamental and technical analysis different directions, you have to be careful. Do not operate happiness with Forex trading, wait and watch, The Forex market is not suitable for Dreamers, you use scientific analysis to maximize the probability that the correct perception of what you can get from the market. Then analyzed deeply, and the fact that a strong technical pattern, know basic support for your analysis, you will have a good deliberative decision. Take risk tolerance, and you will be successful.

There is a central bank in each country is responsible for the benefit of its economy. The central bank monitors some of the key factors that affect the economy, and to adjust their economic policies according to these factors.

Are advertised these factors constantly in fundamental analysis of currencies, and know the exact time of the announcement in advance. Consider such factors as the key indicators of the economy. Most central banks are: Feds, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, the Bank of England. There are many key indicators, but few have called him "the engines market." Called this title because it is when they are advertised, they provide adequate support to move the markets, and because a significant impact on the economy and on the positions traders.

The most important is what you need to know about fundamental analysis is the market outlook for the index. Offers some analysts a number of potential indicators that will be announced. Such order effect on the markets and traders take their positions based on them. When index is announced, it will affect the market only when it is very different from what the market had expected. The reason is that all the factors available to the public have been put into consideration. When advertising for new information have an impact on the market only when they are different than expected.

Place the Forex strategy, know in advance what is fundamental indicators and analyzes important that will be announced next week in fundamental analysis of currencies. Learn about the expected figure that was available, and try to predict what will happen if this figure will appear better or worse than expected. It may be difficult at first, but it becomes easier with learning.

There are a lot of fundamental analysis (indicators), indicators of America the greatest influence on the market, and EU indicators less impact, except in the case where a significant difference from what is expected. Continued central bankers when they talk and give some evidence for inflation and interest rates, as these two are the main drivers of today's economy. When issued words such as "alert" or "very vigilant" about inflation from a central bank governors, will have a significant impact on the currency.

When inflation rises, the central banks are trying to reduce by raising interest rates, and when the interest rate rises, currency support. Learn what are the economic indicators that reflect inflation and the central bank's decisions on interest rates, and fundamental analysis will be an additional tool you can use in the Forex trading.

Observe always things that the market already knows, because all this information is reflected on the prices in the market. When issued new information, learn, and take your situation based on them.

There is a lot of information about fundamental analysis on the Internet. Visit Bloomberg economic agenda and the economic agenda Yahoo. Use the search words such as "Basics of Forex" or "economic agendas Forex" and you will find what you are looking for. Then examine the meaning of these indicators and the relationship between them. Owns the majority of Forex traders integrated economic agenda in their own trading platforms.

Often a time on these economic agendas is GMT "Greenwich", you know the time differences between the region in which they live and the timing of "Greenwich," and will know what time it is, who will announce the index. Agreement is announced in the market - if any - in advance on these economic agendas.

Study analyzes the fundamental or economic indicators accurately, and you will have in the end, a wonderful guide helps you in the trading process.
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