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Astronomical catastrophe supplied Russia with tons of rare diamonds

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Revealed Russia, on Tuesday, all the mystery remained its reserves since the seventies of the last century, a "secret Massey" in every sense of the word, and shortening of the reserves size trillions of carats diamonds rare fall asleep under the nozzle most recently bumping an asteroid before 35 million years, a enough to meet the diverse needs of the world of diamonds for more than 3000 years.

Asteroid who came all the breath of life in Eastern Siberia latest where diameter hole 99 kilometers and stayed without a study, that scientists began "Institute Novosibirsk of Geology and Mineralogy," studied 50 years ago almost, and named it Popigai Astroblem famous, and discovered beneath reserves astronomical of diamonds Nader is completely unknown.

And تكتمت authorities of the Soviet Union defunct on "News Diamond" did not allow extraction of only carats specific studies and tests that proved them to MAS "Bobegay" stronger than double any diamond known in the market, making it ideal for industrial uses and scientific, which is kind of formed raw materials from bumping asteroid a field of diamonds already exists on the ground and at high speed.

And the statement issued by Nikolai Buquelenko, director of "Institute Novosibirsk" geological, that could precautions field diamond old - new influence on the type of movement markets world diamond "Although the main customers for this type of diamond harsh are the companies and scientific institutes," he said.

Nikolai said that diamonds present in the field, "ten times larger than all of the world's reserves at the same time", pointing out that it "trillions Alkirarat" according to his assertion, which means that Massa in Cedar wealth tonnes to Russia billions each year.

As Gennady Nikitin, a deputy director of the "Institute of sapphire diamond Nyibrom" Russian also, Vnnbh that the new discovery could affect diamond prices, "but we do not know how prices will be in the market if it entered sparklers superior rigidity," according to his assertion.
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Chinese passenger plane "C-919" takes place first experimental voyage in 2014

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Revealed Chinese media that the first model of passenger aircraft large "C 919" Chinese-made finished designs first and began working currently in the detailed design, is scheduled to hold the plane journey first pilot in 2014 and obtain a certificate of airworthiness and enter the market in 2016, itwhich symbolizes the recovery of the civil aviation industry in China, entering the competition in the global market monopolized by American Boeing and European Airbus.

China enjoys intellectual property rights independent of passenger aircraft large "C 919", which has cost nearly 60 billion yuan, or about $ 9.5 billion, and up over the flight to 4075 kilometers, and its cargo maximum takeoff to 72.5 tons, and the number of hours flight designed it to 90 thousand hours.
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Saudi student develops a submarine in cooperation with NASA

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Under its scientific doctoral able engineer and Sam Hassan SPI, scholarship of Umm Al Qura University Ph.D. at the University of Queensland Technology, Australia, in the field of engineering specialty Smart systems design submarine water smart, and do experience a successful operation in the territorial waters of the United States of America SouthwestState Los Angeles, and in collaboration with the national Research management Aeronautics and Space NASA and the California Institute of Technology and under the supervision of Dr.. specialist Ryan Smith aquatic submarines.
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The SPI: characterized by this kind of submarine work control system self, and are used to the goals of scientific research, the goal of this experiment is to apply "systems of artificial intelligence on the submarine to exploit energy water currents different in determining the course of the submarine to reach certain areas to collect samples of ocean water.

And will introduce the draft submarine smart and details of the experience and results at the International Conference for harnessing the power of ocean MTS / IEEE OCEANS 2012 and primarily in the state of Virginia America in October, as reported Riyadh, in addition to the launch of the second experiment of the project early next year additions new to the system.

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11 way to increase the benefit of attending conferences and exhibitions Forex

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Forex Trade and investment conferences and educational seminars carries between a lot of positives and beneficial to individuals and business owners together, but this is difficult to summarize the reasons that may lead you to be among the attendees. We will try in this article mentioned eleven way to get the maximum benefit from the show.

In general, when she attends related conference in the field of work you care or express your actual experience, be a golden opportunity to connect with renowned experts on the local or global level and colleagues know them thanks to their articles and books. How can you get the most out of the FX shows in general, and reverse this benefit in your trading day? There is no absolute answer to this question, and each dealer may have a professional and personal goals different wants to achieve by attending exhibitions and seminars Forex.

Here are the top 11 ways that may help you to achieve maximum benefit from the presence in the Forex Trade:
1. Read the conference agenda carefully, and select what episodes that may help you improve your trading skills. Farther from the seminars that you can learn their own materials, and give yourself a chance to hear the very threads that do not you speak or think you are weak.
2. Closer to professional colleagues to become your friends in Congress, to be able to participate in what you learn. Such cooperation could bring benefits, especially when talking with you about the episode only one of you to attend.
3. Brought from the first day do not leave before the end of the conference. You can not realize how much good information may miss if you arrive late or leave early.
4. Stay at the selected hotel for the conference. There is a need to reside in the hotel where he resides, a majority of those present, where you can Altoaslk with as many of the experts and expand your network in the most effective.
5. You have to realize that potential employers and clients or business partners are watching your behavior and actions when attending concerts conference. Act responsibly, you're not really "out of service".
6. Do not leave yourself without business cards, in order to help new acquaintances to remind you when they return to their home countries.
7. Collect tactfully largest number of business cards as much as possible, so you can follow up with postcards and e-mails and phone calls and appointments.
8. Buy the tapes and audio CDs which is based on the conference registration through educational seminars. Do this even for seminars attended, but before you do this make sure that these recordings have not been published on the Internet for free.
9. Be an active participant, and ask questions and made comments.
10. Met and I thank everyone who worked at the Planning Commission. They deserve special praise. When thanking, will surely be one of the few who do.
11. And last but not least, open your mind to new challenges, and look carefully to all the new ideas put forward and the future that is reminiscent of theories in conferences. Who knows? These ideas may be the source of your success in the future.

Do not miss the top of the Middle East and North Africa tenth for the management of investment funds - 2012:
Despite the economic slowdown and political instability that dominate the countries of the Middle East, United Arab Emirates remains the largest market in the region and has a strong economy based on a solid foundation and a long-term vision.

For the sixth year in a row the group Arabcom (Arabcom Group) with al Summit Middle East and North Africa tenth for the management of investment funds in the 15 to 16 November 2012 at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai.

The exhibition will present the latest technological developments in e-commerce and innovations designed to reduce the hidden costs, and the reduction of non-competencies in circulation to attend. Diversity of the summit's agenda a very large, as is the case every year, on a wider scope to cover all that is new in the world of forex, bonds, futures, oil, gold, commodities, options trading and other bilateral.

As you can encounter approximately 1,000 investors from all over the world, and interview the winners at the top of the Middle East and North Africa tenth for the management of investment funds, in the field of Forex money management and investment.

Summit will be held for two days between the conference and exhibition, where it displays the professionals in the industry discussing financial issues leading in the Middle East with regard to the current global economic situation.

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Gold above 1770 dollars after stimulus boosted investor appetite

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- Gold prices returned on Friday to rise above 1770 dollars an ounce, as expectations that developed central banks measures to spur growth will boost liquidity and raise inflation and keep interest rates at their lowest level the precious metal on the road to achieving gains for the fifth consecutive week. Also boosted other markets higher gold price. U.S. stocks resumed and the euro to rise and oil recovered from its lowest level in a month and a half with the return of investors to the market after the stimulus measures announced by the major central banks in recent times.
Gold rose in the spot market 0.4 percent to $ 1773.44 an ounce by 0945 GMT, while U.S. futures increased gold for delivery in December 6.10 to $ 1776.30 an ounce.
The Bank of Japan was the latest central bank reveals a monetary measures to facilitate this week after the Federal Reserve announced (Central American) for a big program of asset purchases and the ECB's announcement of a plan to buy bonds from euro zone countries heavily indebted.
Among other precious metals increased silver 0.6 percent to 34.78 dollars an ounce, while platinum rose in the spot market up 0.6 percent to $ 1631.25 an ounce.
And palladium rose 1.4 percent to $ 669.47 an ounce.
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A look at the latest phones after entering «HTC» competition with the iPhone and Galaxy »

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The smart phone market in the world struggle over who has the largest percentage of market share, after Samsung began the race in June launched «Galaxy S 3 'and' Galaxy Ativ feed based on Android operating system as Nokia rushed launch the first mobile operating systemWindows Phone 8 «Umia 920» and «Umia 820 in September.

And raised «Apple» her smart «iPhone 5» September 12 system running the new «ios 6» prompting the announcement «HTC» on September 20, put my phone «HTC 8X» and «H T C-8 S» for reservations market share by the end of 2012.

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Video «Apple opens its doors to lovers of the iPhone 5» German and delight to receive the first device

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Did not go minutes at the beginning of the twenty-first day of September even opened stores 'Apple' doors in Australia and Hong fact that Japan and Germany to receive the lovers of the iPhone 5 »according to the newspaper« Tele Graf.

She had introduced the new Apple product (iPhone 5) on Friday and markets was a record demand degree raised questions about the possibility of inadequate supply.
Apple received more than two million Request for a device (iPhone 5) in the first 24 hours which is similar to double the number of sales on the first day of the previous subtraction (iPhone 4S).

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Golden Boot delivery Messi late October

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Some press reports confirmed Spanish that the Spanish football, will hand over the Golden Boot Award for the FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi, top scorer in the Spanish league season (20112012), with the end of the month of October (day 25 or 26 of the month).

It is noteworthy that Lionel Messi won the award after scoring 50 goals as the best scorer in all European leagues, to lead all of Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored 46 goals, and Radmill Falcao Garcia, who scored 24 goals
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Russia announces the names of the cities hosting the 2018 World Cup soon

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MOSCOW (Reuters) - organizers said the 2018 World Cup football on Friday that Russia will announce the names of the cities that will host matches finals via local television screens in 29 of September.
Organizers said that the announcement of the names of these cities will be through "Tonight," which aired the first Russian channel at 21:20 local time (17:20 GMT).
The Local Organising Committee said in a statement that "Sepp Blatter, president of the International Football Association (FIFA) and Vitaly Mutko and Russian sports minister Sevithan ceremony announcing the names of the host cities."
And 13 Russian cities competing to host the tournament which Moscow and St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan, Samara, Saransk, Volgograd, Krasnodar and Rostov, Sochi and Yekaterinburg.
The final match will be played at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow while giant will choose another stadium in the Russian capital in the selection process.
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24 percent "decline" in sales of computer equipment giant Oracle

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Oracle Corp. announced that quarterly sales of computer equipment fell
24% on an annual basis while working hard to bring about a qualitative leap in the unit computers that have fallen to when buying Sun Microsystems.

The company, which managed and Silicon Valley billionaire Larry Ellison, the value of sales of computer equipment fell to $ 779 million in the first quarter of its fiscal year ending August 31, according to Reuters.

She had expected a decline of 7 to 17%. Oracle also said that sales of new computer programs increased by 6% from a year earlier to $ 1.6 billion, an increase in line with the company's expectations.

Oracle recorded the third largest software maker in the world profit in the first quarter, with the exclusion of provisions amounted to 53 cents per share, which is in line with the median forecast in a Thomson Reuters survey IBM ESI.
Was little changed on Oracle shares in subsequent trading after closing in the Nasdaq market closed at 32.26 dollars.

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Providing the price of cigarettes Turkish shoe shiner bought the house of his dreams of 4 floors

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Have you thought about a day what is the value of a pack of cigarettes? Do believe that the value of a pack of cigarettes that go smoke in the air could have check According dreams and the Anatolia news agency Turkish citizen working shoe shiner to collect a large sum of money over the 23 years of the money that was supposed to be spent on smoking if a smoker. It came up with the idea of a Turkish citizen "Alec" that is throughout this period to give his wife a day the price of a pack of cigarettes, which he will buy on a daily basis if he is a smoker.

He mentioned citizen told the Anatolia news that he did not smoke cigarettes or any type of tobacco throughout his life, and he was very poor, but in light of the idea received by the mind 23 years ago could now owning a building of 4 floors, not to mention no harm to his health.

 "Here" aged 56 years, and a resident in the area, "Onyia" in the province of "Urdu" on the Black Sea north of evil Turkey, that the main motivation for the implementation of this idea but it is a seven secure the future of his children.
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